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1809 counterstamped 10 kopecks copper on eBay

RW Julian

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gxseries, to my knowledge there are only 3 overstrikes of such type. All three are documented. No way in hell such a coin could appear on eBay. Moreover, not one of them is a TM overstrike. Thus, TM is a dead giveaway.

10 kop 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks.(3 coins)


Uzdennikov (3rd edition 2003) #4926(!!) listed only 2 coins.

Bitkin (2nd edition 2003)#700(R4),701(R4) listed only 2 coins

1.10 kop. 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks 1778 - ex. collection Vasilyeva (1911).

2.10 kop. 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks 1795- ex. collection Russian Imperial History Museum (1898)

3.10 kop. 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks 1803-1804 –ex. St.Petersburg Archeological Society collection(1910)

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