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Ireland Banknote Catalogue.

Guest Aidan Work

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Guest Aidan Work

Name; Eire (Ireland).


Region; British Europe.


Date of Independence; 6th of December 1921.Became Eire in June 1937.


Constitutional status at time of issue; Dominion,although internally governed as a republic.King George VI of Great Britain was head of state.The President of Eire was the representative of Eire under the terms of the External Relations Act,1936.

This constitutional arrangement lasted until the declaration of the Republic of Ireland in April 1949.


Currency system; 12 Pence = 1 Shilling,20 Shillings = 1 Pound.


This institution is the successor to the Coimisiun Airgid Reatha Saorstat Eireann (Currency Commission Irish Free State),which existed between 1928 & 1937.The Coimisiun Airgid Reatha Eire (Currency Commission Ireland) was succeeded by the institution of the Banc Ceannais na hEireann (Central Bank of Ireland) in 1943.

The first issues do not have code letters.The code letters were added in 1940 to track the notes from the printers in England to Ireland.The titles of the signatories are 'Cathaorleach Choimisiun an Airgid Reatha' (Chairman of the Currency Commission) & 'Runaiohe na Roinne Airgeadais' (Secretary of the Department of Finance).


Chairman / Secretary.


P1c. 1940 10 Shillings. Joseph Brennan / J.J. McElligott.

H. 10.9.1940.


P2c. 1942 1 Pound. Joseph Brennan / J.J. McElligott.

V. 4.7.1942.

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