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Bank of England announces new notes


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See here;





The Elgar £20 note (introduced in 1999) is set to be replaced by a new note featuring Adam Smith. This raises two interesting questions;


Firstly a 'new series', does this refer to a continuation of Series E? (the present series but with modified designs and new people represented), or is it going to be radical enough change to warrant a change to Series F?


Secondly the £50 note is currently still on its first incarnation of Series E, it escaped the last redesign, will the £50 be included this time?

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Darwin won't be around long with Smith though! I suspect Darwin's replacement will be around within a year or two after the Smith note is released.


As regards to the Elgar notes expected life, it does vary somewhat. Looking at past notes though the Elgar came in during 1999 the Faraday it replaced was withdrawn during 2001. I think the Dickens/Darwin changeover was roughly two years as well.


So the Elgar's will probably be withdrawn in 2009 sometime.



Maybe i'm getting older i dunno, but the Elgar reign seems to have flown by, the Faraday's seemed to be around forever! Although looking back Faraday lasted 1991-1999 (withdrawn by 2001) and Elgar (1999-2007) [expected withdrawal c.2009]. Which means they're exactly the same.


In that time though i still hold the opinion i did in 1999, that the Faraday's are still nicer! :ninja:

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Unfortunately, I've never seen a Faraday note. Well, the only 90s note of any denomination I've seen is the Fry fiver. I've love to see what the Dickens looks like. Duke of Wellington is one of my favs.


All I ever seem to get here are beat up Newtons...

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Enough already! We have too many Scots in our government without having to carry them around in our pockets! :ninja:


Adam Smith is British is he not? ;)


Perhaps its the Bank of England we should be thinking of getting rid of in favour of it being re-termed The Bank of Greater Scotland ;)



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