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LU: A wild boar on a gold coin


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Two years ago Luxembourg issued a small gold coin with a 2000 year old mask - this year you can get an about equally old boar on a coin. :ninja:


This wild boar is a bronze sculpture (1c BC) found at the Titelberg, the site of a Celtic settlement. The Titelberg is in SW Luxembourg, near the LU/BE/FR triangle. Here is a small image of the sculpture (depicting a reproduction): http://www.mnha.public.lu/pictures/fr/bout...es/sanglier.jpg

More information (in French) about the "Sanglier du Titelberg", or Titelberg Boar, coin: http://www.bcl.lu/fr/media/communiques/200...lier/index.html


In 2004 this Cultural History series was started with the "Mask of Hellange" coin (same size actually):


This side combines the mask and the "silhouette" or outline of the country. Hellange is a small town south of the country's capital; more about this Mask coin (in English) is here: http://www.bcl.lu/en/currency/numismatic/p...ange/index.html

This is what the mask looks like: http://www.mnha.public.lu/pictures/fr/coll...iere_casque.jpg


These are small gold proof coins (Ø 16 mm, 1/10 oz fine gold) which cost about €70. Mintage is 5,000 each.



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