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2006 Finland €2 commem *ALL SOLD*

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I have a roll that I can break open and distribute. I just want the face value plus shipping covered, but am rounding the total up for my sweat and toil. :ninja: Cost is €3/coin or $3.50/coin (2 coins will be about €5.50 or $7 depending on actual postage costs). As there are only 25 coins in the roll, I will initially limit this to 2 per person. If anyone is interested in more, I can hold orders and if after 2 weeks, they have not all been sold I will remove the limit.


Paypal or cash. I am willing to discuss trades and such as there are some things that I am looking for, but I am guessing that direct payment is easiest.


image (not actual)


Hopefully I have not left out anything. ;)

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