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Do overdates exist for the large Polish-Russian 1.5 rubles?


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Here is an image of the coin that I am talking about:




On most of the 1.5 rubles, you would notice that the final digit would be punched into the die at a latter stage, hence making it appear that the last digit is slanted from the rest of the image. While that is a normal sign, I don't remember seeing any overdates.


Here is a close up of the coin that I am looking at: (sorry the coin is not with me at the moment, so retaking pictures is an impossible thing till next year or so :ninja: )




I was thinking that it might be punched 5 punched over 4 or 3 but I can't quite tell what it is. But it definately seems something is under it.


Another wierd aspect of this coin that I have is that it seems that it's double struck, which is quite difficult to find in my opinion:




And last not least - the edge itself is double struck too:





I don't have any similar coins to compare this with since this type of coin is getting quite pricy these days, so I don't know if so many faults are common on this particular type of coin.

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Thanks WCO. May I know what reference you are using for this?


As well as, are double strikes common for this type of coin?



You are welcome, gxseries. The catalog with overdates and overmintmasters listed is by Adrianov, rare book these days. Some overdates are still missing though.


About doubling; since doubling is hardly visible and not dramatic I do not think there is any premium for it. I saw this kind from time to time on different coins.



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