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Hi all ! I'm a noob .

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I was searching around on the web for info on a buch of old coins I have been collecting for most of my life and I came upon this great site :ninja: ! My name is Bruce , I'm a bit over 40yrs old and a avid outdoorsman and a Carpenter by trade . Into things like 4 wheeling and mechanical thing and collecting odd coins and paper money and custom woodworking . I have some old Canadian coins and some old us stuff and a few old errors . One of my favorite coins is actually a cool old bronze medal commemerating man's first lunar landing that my grandparent's gave me in 1971 . I have always kept it in a box . My favorite out of all of my Canadian coins is a 1837 large penny / bank token with the Bank of Montreal on the ribbon . I also have a spanish 2 1/2 cent dated 1867 and a 2 1/2 cent from Koningrijk Der Nederlanden dated 1881 . I love the detail in these old coins . I look forward to all the great stuff this site has to offer and I hope I can contribute as well .

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Welcome to Coinpeople.... Enjoy your stay.... We have lots of great people here and lots of good info...


Take a look around and make yourself at home......

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