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German WWI Declaration of War Coin (snatched!)


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saw this coin on ebay and bid on it, its labeled as:






Wilhelm II


Deutscher Kaiser Konig v Preussen


Declaration of War Coin




Legend on Reverse Reads :






Small writing on the truncation reads:




Around the Rim Reads:





I could not find this coin in the usual sources and its the first one of its kind I have seen. Even though I could not find a value for it I decided to buy it because of its historical significance. I had the high bid until like 2 seconds before the end of the auction and someone snatched it from me I hate that...anyone know where another of its type can be found or anything more about this coin? If you snatched it...durn you :ninja:

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Declaration of War Coin

It will be difficult to find a coin catalog value because that is not a coin but a medal.


The inscription "Ich kenne keine Parteien mehr, ich kenne nur Deutsche" is from the emperor's speech on that day. It refers to the fact that shortly before, due to the general climate of "Germany is threatened", even the fairly internationalist and anti-war SPD (Social Democrats) had agreed to the new war credits.



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Here's mine:






I've posted this elsewhere a while ago:



BERLIN, Aug,4,1914


Emperor Wilhelm II. led congregate the leaders of all parties of the Reichstag. It is the eve of WWI and he is taking a speech:


Honored gentlemen!

In these fateful hours I meet the elected representatives of the German nation. For about half a century we could remain on the way of peace. The attempts to credit Germany with warlike intentions and restrict its position in the world often taxed our people patience to hard tests. In imperturbable honorableness my government pursued the development of all moral, mental and economic forces also under provocative circumstances as the most ambitious goal.


The world was a witness, how tireless in the urge and confusions of the last years we stood in front row, in order to spare the peoples of Europe a war between great powers. The heaviest mischiefs, which were caused by the events on the Balkans, seemed to be overcome.

Then with the murder of my friend Archduke Franz Ferdinand my high ally, Emperor and King Franz Josef was forced, to spring to arms in order to defend the security of his realm against dangerous activities from a neighbour state.


With the pursuit of its entitled interests the Russian Empire stepped into the way of the allied monarchy. Not only our alliance is calling us to the party of Austro-Hungary. It is our enormous task to protect our own position against the rush of hostile forces together with the old confraternity of both Empires. With a heavy heart I mobilized my army against the neighbour with whom we fought together on so many battlegrounds. With honest dolor I saw one of Germanys true kept friendship break,because the imperial Russian government, acquiesent to a sateless nationalism, lobbied for a state which favored criminal assaults.

The fact that France also is on the side of our objectors could not surprise us. Much to often our efforts on friendly relationships with the French republic were prevented through old anger.


Honored gentlemen!

What human insight and strength is able to do, to forarm a nation for the last decisions, happened with your patriotic assistance.

The animosity that escalated in the east and in the west for a long time is now to blazed up to bright flames. The present situation is not a result of temporary interest conflicts or diplomatic constellations, it is the result of a long years active badness against the power and prospering of the German Empire.


It's not to go for conquest, we are impressed by rigid will to keep the place that god gave to us, for ourselfes and the following genera. From the documents you received, you can see, how my government and above all my chancellor were endeavored up to the last instant to turn the outside away.

In obtruding self-defence, with clear conscience and clear hand we unsheate the sword.

Peoples and clans of the German Empire hear my call, with total strength and brotherly coherence with our issued for defending in fraternal standing together with our confederates, defend what we have created in peaceful work.


Based on the example of our fathers, firmly and faithfully, seriously and knightly, humiliate in front of God and glorious in front of the enemy, so we trust in the eternal omnipotence, which will strengthen our defense and steer us to a good end!


Honored gentleman, today, convened with your princes and leaders, the whole German nation is looking at you. Take your decisions agreed and quick, this is my inmost desire.

You have read, honored gentleman, what I said to the population on the balcony of the palace.

Here I repeat:


I don't know parties any longer, I only know Germans!


To indicate that you are determined, without differences in parties, without differences in clans, without differences in denomination to stay on course with me through thick and thin, through distress and death, I request the executive committees of the parties, to come forward and to vow.







The obverse shows Wilhelm II. Deutscher Kaiser / König von Preussen


The reverse shows the sword and the inscription:


Nach der Thronrede am 4.August 1914


(I don't know parties any longer, I only know Germans!)

after the speech on Aug.4.1914



Here's one for sale:



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I was just thinking of this medal again...thats so nice...I still have yet to find this for sale again...I missed the link at the bottom of the above post!! So I missed buying that one!! damn!! I so wish I had went ahead a bid a bit more for that medal...it would have been worth it. If anyone runs across this again, please let me know...send a PM in case I dont see it here.

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even when I hit UK version the text is in german

Yes, same thing with eBay, for example: If I view the German language version of an auction where the article description (provided by the seller) is in English, French, etc., then only the interface language changes - the description will still be in English, French, whatever. Guess that everything else would be too expensive. And automatic translation such as translate.google.com will not work well when it comes to specific numismatic terms ...



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