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Official Rules for PCI Entry Threads

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Each coin entered must follow the following specifications;



1) The coin must have a short title following the following formula exactly;



Member’s Username; Country/Denomination/Date




Bob’s; USA/Lincoln Cent/1942-D

Fred’s; France/Ten Francs/1903

Mary’s; Scotland/Groat/c.1430

John’s; Roman/Domitian Denarius/AD90-96



2) A direct link to a picture of the coin hosted upon a website that will host the picture indefinitely.


WARNING; Coins hosted on sites that only host images for a limited period (say two or three weeks), will probably ‘disappear’ mid way through the competition when the hosting expires.



3) The link can either be one single link to a picture where the obverse and the reverse of the coin are pictured together, (such as on omnicoin, this type of link is preferred), or they can be two separate links; one for the obverse and one for the reverse.



4) The link itself must comply with the following rules;


I) It must be no longer than 60 characters in length, anything over that causes problems.


II) The link must be direct, i.e I must be able to see the http://www in the post and not an underlined short link. e.g;


It should be;




and definately not;


Link (Entries with links like this will be ignored)



III) It must end in .jpg, if it doesn’t then it won’t work. (This is how you know if you've got the right link or not)



5) The description must be placed BEFORE the link and not after. Thus once your entry is completed it will look something like;


Gxseries'; Russia/200 Rubles/1992





The organisers of PCI reserve the right to exclude any entries that do not meet the above specifications. If in doubt don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

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