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Just wondering what was up.


me Too Tried To Read the post And Got An Error Message


mySQL query error: SELECT p.*,

m.id,m.name,m.mgroup,m.email,m.joined,m.posts, m.last_visit, m.last_activity,m.login_anonymous,m.title,m.hide_email, m.warn_level, m.warn_lastwarn,

me.msnname,me.aim_name,me.icq_number,me.signature, me.website,me.yahoo,me.location, me.avatar_location, me.avatar_type, me.avatar_size,


FROM ibf_posts p

LEFT JOIN ibf_members m ON (p.author_id=m.id)

LEFT JOIN ibf_member_extra me ON (me.id=m.id)

LEFT JOIN ibf_pfields_content pc ON (pc.member_id=p.author_id)

WHERE p.pid IN(8139,8158,8171,8173,8178,8190,8198,8199,8200,8927,8934,8936,8939,8976,9179,10

691,10927,11108) ORDER BY pid asc


mySQL error: Got error 127 from storage engine

mySQL error code:

Date: Monday 27th of June 2005 11:53:51 PM

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Guest Aidan Work

I was getting the same message for nearly 3 hours yesterday afternoon.

I even had trouble looking in my private message box as well.



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