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Interesting Serial Numbers  

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  1. 1. Interesting Serial Numbers

    • F7 - See323 - 1999 Singapore Portrait Series $50 ( ONE 000001 )
    • F8 - Scottishmoney - £5 Clydesdale Bank 200th Anniversary of R. Burns death

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One-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-one is super-cool.


Thank you everyone for putting in the effort to vote.


A little bit about this banknote with an interesting prefix 0NE 000001. Actually in this Singapore Portraits series, the prefix is make up of 3 alphanumeric. In fact the first position is a zero and not a letter O. Somehow, the note look very good to be a ONE with the serial 000001. It has both letter ONE and number 000001. It is a unique note and highly in demand. I am keeping this for some unique collection in my other collection.


There are also others which have a surname on the prefix. I have one from the same series with the surname ONG 000001. ONG is a Chinese surname quite common among countries with Chinese race. It would be nice to be number 1 with your surname printed on the note. It will have to be a legal tender banknote and not a fun banknote with your photograph printed on it. At least, in my interpretation, the issuing authority recognizes your surname in your country. ;) Unfortunately, I do not have a surname ONG.


But ONE 000001 is universal and can be accepted by anyone who want to be number 1. Of course, I do not aim to be number 1 but just for the fun of it as a collector. :ninja:

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