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Introducing you@coinpeople.com email service


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CoinPeople.com in co-opearation with Google Gmail now offers you@coinpeople.com email addresses.


You can get a full Gmail account with 2GB of storage space with "your_name@coinpeople.com" address.


To request an email account PM me your full name and desired address. I will then reply with a confirmation and a temporary password to access your new account.


Your new email account will have full Gmail functionality, including chat and calendar. Your email will be hosted by Google, so you can expect the same level of service, security and privacy as Gmail.

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Will there be any specific and already noteworthy purpose for this account? In other words, will there be a Coinpeople weekly newsletter sent out to the account or other random/fun notices?

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The main benefit is having a super-cool and well recognized domain name in your email address. There will be no weekly newsletter or any other notices sent out to these accounts. Plus you'll have the same spam filter as a regular Gmail account.


I did start sending out weekly "hot topics" emails last week. But these are sent to the address used when registering with CoinPeople and not related to the email account offer.

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Re: the "hot topics" - I thought it was good, especially for those too busy to check CP more frequently.


I do think down the road, someone should organize a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter written by various members. PCI guy could have a briefing on the current standings in the "Coin Sports" section. Important numismatic news events could be posted. Perhaps more knowledgeable members could submit a short column about their interests.


I'm sure you guys have already thought of that and I'm just a naive newby. But it'd be cool anyway.

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PM sent. I want two!!! :ninja:

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