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Do you believe in Fairy Tales


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If you do here are the facts

Person from ebay Jamaica selling on ebay Germany a coin that is in Hong Kong for 60% discount with a babelfish translation :ninja:





Happy bid.

Deliver a policy:

1. We at drive the payment of the clearance after deliver package within 24 hours.

2. The shipment usually adopts 3-7 businesses everyday.

3. The EMS or other mass transits go of come from the item will of Chinas to deliver.

4. When we send to item you of time, we will tell you the packet NO.or to scan the bill of the document to send you, your ability inquir it is on the website

That we have the catena of the worlds, our item position is in China, I have no PAYPAL bank account.

Such: Please don't ask"do you accept paypal?" Thanks!

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:ninja: oh, that's too much !!!
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Take a look at the last guy he made a purchase from. That guy has thousands of feedbacks from fake accounts for the EXACT SAME ITEM, number and all. If you click on the blue link for the "scam warning" listing, nearly every page after that for what I felt like looking at contained that exact same item. Also all the fake accounts leave the same feedback at different times. This is why I hate eBay policy, it should be illegal or in the least banned.

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