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So who wants to help identify some coins?

so and so

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Hi, I'm new here, and I have a small collection of foreign coins, mostly European, but some other areas. I like to collect "regular" coins, that were used everyday from modern times to previous generations (until they get pricy). For me, it's a way of seeing history, understanding a country and how it's people lived. Plus some I like for aesthetic value. I'm looking to expand my collection, and always looking for advice on where to do that (I live in Boston). I also have a few asian coins that I can't make heads or tails out of. I'll try and post some once I learn how - how does everyone else post pics here? can I post a URL? Anywho, Anyone who wants to talk coins, answer my questions, etc please reply or email. Thanks.

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Hello. You should sign an account at http://www.omnicoin.com as this is where many of us upload images of our coin images.


A good reference site is here: http://www.worldcoingallery.com/ which you can use to compare with your coins.


Alternatively you can post your images here and the forum members will be able to identify them, well most of them :ninja:


Welcome to coinpeople btw.

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