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GOETZ: K-531 Karl & Margarete Goetz

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K-531 KARL & MARGARETE GOETZ; 1937, Cast Bronze, 103mm, Edge-punched “KGoeTz”, RRRR


To commemorate their silver wedding anniversary, 27 April, 1912-1937.


Obverse: Karl and Margarete Goetz conjoined busts, right.


Reverse: Intertwined arms with hands holding hearts, GOTT-WAR-MIT-VNS-IM-BVNDE. Exergue: 27 APRIL (The Lord was allied with us). Children names with GUIDO, the oldest, at top. Left field; GERTRAUD 1912. Right Field: BRUNHILDE, 1937.



This medal does not appear in any major Goetz auction catalogs for at least the past 25 years. This has led me to the assumption that Goetz made perhaps 4-5 of these for the immediate family members and no more.


I really need to get collection lists from ANA, ANS, and European museums with large Goetz holdings in order to firm up actual numbers. Again, the absence of this piece in all of the big auctions, including the most recent Moeller auction, can certainly hint at its apparent rarity.


I have the rest of the family member medals too and I will be showing these in the near future. I believe Goetz made a set of the five family members (this medal and one of each child) for Margarete and each child.


Click here for k-531 Hi-Res



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