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San Francisco Historical Bourse


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I made it to the SF Historial Bourse today. The date was added this summer based on the success of the show in the Spring. From my perspective, the follow up was a great success as was the show in the Spring. Most of the best ancient dealers in the US were in attendance. My wife and I arrived about noon (just before the wine and finger sandwiches were served) and I spent my budget in the first 20 minutes. The show is that good and there were no empty dealer tables at any time while I was present. As with the first show, I found good coins, a good book for my library, and I had some great conversations with fellow collectors. My interests are rather esoteric, so I do most of my buying on the Internet and mail order, but nothing beats a good show and the opportunity to see and handle lots of coins, meet the dealers, and interact with fellow collectors.


I note the many comments about wives on this forum. My wife accompanied me today. She didn't bat an eye as I wrote out my checks. She learned her lesson when I bought my first Merovingian denier. The coin was very small and the check compartatively very large. She has learned to ask price when she really likes a coin and ignore it otherwise. She picked out coins for me to look at. Ha, she only selected things that I can't afford. All I can say is she has great taste and an eye for beauty!


We made a stop for her on the way home and bought a few things on her list as well (not coins). Its not really an issue of what I spend. Its more an issue of respecting and loving one another. I want to make her happy and she wants to make me happy. I enjoy indulging her interests and she enjoys mine. It can't get much better than that.

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