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Beautiful notes, I think the 5 Rupees Mauritius is probably my favorite portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The colour combination and how well it is balanced on the note. Pluss that look she gives.

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Great notes Baxuss. Nice to see another collector of vintage queens! The Mauritius portrait is by Pietro Annigoni. The Queen bought the portrait in 07 but I think it was originally painted for the Fishmongers guild. "I did not want to paint her as a film star; I saw her as a monarch, alone in the problems of her responsibility" he said. Maybe some think that's overly romantic or nostalgic but I think it makes for a great artistic vision. Plus I think it captures, perhaps unintentionally, the modern need for monarchy and other ceremonial/historic institutions to retain the pride and dignity of the "head of state" position thus denying it to other parts of the government--hopefully keeping them more humble, as it were.


There's 2 varieties, one by TDLR and one by Bradbury Wilkinson.


This is a great little guide for collectors of Queens, I've used it many times:



Annigoni is portrait no. 9.

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Everyone's been posting such nice notes, it's left me feeling like I'm missing out! Well, I decided I'd like to try and put together a more complete set of Sierra Leone Banknotes from the three I had already. These are the first step towards that. Some are newer, some are older. I've still got a few more to get - shouldn't be too hard to get a set even with the resizing they went through recently.



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China 10 Diao, Private bank, about 1920.

Probably printing test.





Baxuss - Nice note! Have you any other info on it - Where's it from, etc? I agree with you that it looks like a printers test. This era of chinese notes has more to it that meets the eye as I've found out. The notes are often more interesting than what they seem at first. :bthumbsup:

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Busy week for acquisitions, so just to start:


Dominican Republic ~ El Banco Nacional de Santo Domingo





El Banco Nacional de Santo Domingo was a commercial bank opened in Santo Domingo ca. 1869, and issued notes in the Dominican Republic through 1912. It's first banknotes were printed by Franklin Banknote Company of New York, by the time this note was printed ca. 1889 the company was a subsidiary of American Banknote Company of New York.


Guatemala ~ El Banco Agricola Hipotecario - Un Peso 1920




This note is one of a series of banknotes printed by El Banco Agricola Hipotecario that were printed by Waterlow and Son's in London - curiously Guatemalan banks preferred doing business with Waterlow and Son's instead of American Banknote Company. It may have had something to do with the proximity of the then British colony of British Honduras and strong British commercial interests in that region. At any rate, Waterlow and Son's created some of the most stunningly attractive and colourful notes ever with this series. Great vignettes coupled with dramatic contrasts in colours make for very attractive banknotes.




A lovely vignette of a young miss in a chariot pulled by lions




This stirring vignette from the right of the obverse of the note is so emotive - milkmaids being watched leeringly by the cow they are milking!




Artistry and mere function clash with the whole of this design, it is hard nearly 90 years later to imagine having this note and folding it up and placing it into a wallet instead of admiring it's passionate appeal as art.




The reverse of the note portrays an apparently Latin American miss, but many banknotes that Waterlow and Son's printed bear similar lovely vignettes on the reverse of the note.

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Baxuss - Nice note! Have you any other info on it - Where's it from, etc? I agree with you that it looks like a printers test. This era of chinese notes has more to it that meets the eye as I've found out. The notes are often more interesting than what they seem at first. :bthumbsup:


Hey Dave! About info only that this note is from a Private Bank...I'm searching for infos for this note but this is not easy :) When i got any information I post them.

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great job Saor :) as usual !


my last 5 babies in my world tour



10 Pounds Scotland 2006



100 Kuna Croatia 2002



5 Dinars Kuwait 1994



10 Dinar Libya 2004



and lastly for the small value but i find 'nice' the 3 soldiers in the front for THIS country


10 Won North Korea 2009


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Great post, SM!




I second that! You've been posting very nice notes lately! :bthumbsup:




Maumau - Cool notes as well... I really like the image of Glamis Castle on the reverse of that Scottish 10 pounder (checked it out on Banknotebank).

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I have to agree. Great notes. I enjoy this thread very much. Thanks for sharing your collections.

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A note from a better known collection that some of was auctioned off in the FUN sale a couple of weeks ago:




This one combines my love of feminine form and well:




Trains! Talk about a note that combines loves, and well, it becomes so special. Another fascinating aspect of the note is that it actually crosses into a third facet of collecting for me, that of post-bellum "evasion" notes that were issued in willful defiance of the Federal statutes prohibiting their issue - in this case the issue was masked as a "fare receipt" instead of an issue of paper money.




The Brunswick and Albany was originally organised in the 1850's, was taken over by the Confederacy and destroyed during the hostilities of that conflict. Postwar saw the re-organisation of the company in 1869, but overly ambitious endeavours, including the construction of the hotel on the reverse of this note forecast the company into bankruptcy by 1872.

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That is a great banknote Saor Alba. I love a banknote that has history written into it. Who or what do you think the lady is suppose to represent?



Likely agriculture and plenty. Disturbing though is the $2 denomination of this series, which has a strikingly evocative racial depiction that is very telling of the postbellum South.

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I am getting particularly chaffed about all these African notes - they are just so fascinating and have great colours, themes etc. So far I am stuck in the CFA zone currencies, but am thinking of branching out a bit for type sets like that Tanzanian set.

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