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Latest Banknote purchases.

Guest Aidan Work

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I stopped by the BEP store in DC yesterday and bought some more 4 piece uncut sheets 1, 2, 5 old 2006 and new 2006 (Colour) and 10$ (colour)


Not super exciting but I have special frames for them and enjoy them as art work also.





Gees, you have been in Europe so long you are starting to spell colour like I spell it, instead of the American way of color! :ninja:

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I have a $100T from Zimbabwe, I got it on eBay, I think I paid maybe $5 for it. Those are the last notes, as I recall after they issued them, the Reserve Bank changed the rules and now allows citizens to transact in other currencies, so obviously no one is opting for the $Z anymore!

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I got it through Ebay from a seller in England. There's a lot of them for sale on Ebay right now.


I mainly got it for the amount of zeros on it. I also have a 1 cent note from Zimbabwe too, so it's kinda' the 'ends of the spectrum' of their financial mess over there.

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I love em'.


If Zim wasn't such a real disaster, it would make a great comedy TV show.

I had to get some as well, my mind has trouble with that many zero's.


I scored some old and interesting paper bits from India recently,


I would say the condition is PGN, pretty good nick. :ninja:

Oh Ok then, they appear to be in uncirculated but aged condition.




This is a WW2 issue cardboard coin, 1 Anna.

I guess there was a shortage of copper for such things.


The next note is from a series, that I don't have all of yet.

A little information about these was on the auction ad.




India Jaipur Princely State

Jawaharlal Nehru 5 rupees

Smarak Kosh.


Jawaharlal Nehru was a great Indian statesman.

I'm not sure what Smarak Kosh refers to. ;)



The bigger pics are here, they are both on the same page.


Old Indian paper currency


I am hoping that there might be a wonderful resource somewhere for some more of the history on these.



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I really wanted to come in here and show this fine example.

I got distracted with asking questions about other things I have.


Here is a lovley mint uncirculated 1952 RBS fiver.




P323b Uniface


Both sides pics here


1952 RBS fiver


A real smasher.


Now, I have a strange script to ask about.

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I have a similar note from the 1st of July of that year, I had to look, to see if our notes were near in serial numbers, but of course with the different dates they are not.


Isn't that design a wonderful anachronism to an earlier time?


Thinking that very much, with a design indicative of the remnants of the book stub on the left.

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The then Dominion of Canada issued the $1 denomination in many different varieties in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the previous issue to this one was issued in 1911. With the start of World War I and the entry of Canada into the conflict as part of the British Empire Canada found herself raising regiments to go and fight in the European conflict. Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Farquhar, the military secretary to the Governor General of Canada, the Duke of Connaught, asked the permission of the Duke to name a Canadian regiment in the Duke's daughter, Patricia's name. She was a very popular person in Canada, and was instrumental in the regiments founding. In 1918 Princess Patricia was name colonel in chief of the regiment, and she retained an active role in the regiment until her death at aged 88 years in 1974.

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