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Latest Banknote purchases.

Guest Aidan Work

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I recently bought a $10 Confederate States of America note. Very happy to have bought it.


That is a nice purchase. Welcome to CoinPeople.

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The note is 1864, I don't have my camera around to take a pic but for now this is what I pulled off the net. The other Confederate notes I looked at only had one side printed, I like this one as both are.


ten dollar CSA.jpg

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. The notes you've started with are beautiful.


A little bit more.






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That's a great set of notes, lex1705! Who couldn't be an instant collector with a set like that to start them off!

Welcome the the club :drinks:

Thank you :drinks:

That was as a lotto win,to get an album like that .That was an old set from 80th or 90th ,cause it wasn't sold very expensive,and I think the last owner has also not much payed .However,I'll try to continue the collection,maybe not very fast,but it will be a good supplement to my coins collection :banana:

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Beautiful notes. Love the colors and designs.

I looked for a couple of days all the pages of the topic, not even thought,that so many interesting notes exist .In catalogs all notes are black and white, and with a color they look much better :mf_lust:

A little bit more from the album :rolleyes:




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