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Latest Banknote purchases.

Guest Aidan Work

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Love the Fijian note - I really like insects on money anyway.


But back to my theme of Beauties on Banknotes, a first acquisition for me in some months since I take long hiatuses for other hobbies:








A note I have been after for awhile, I have always liked the vignette of Britannia and her lion on the front of the note - but the beaver on the reverse is a completely unique subject. The unusual combination of contrasting colours in the layout of this note makes for an aesthetically pleasing delight for the note collecting palette.

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@Dave, WOW, you have what four more to go. Nice!



South Carolina

North Carolina




Rhode Island






Colonial Georgia, 1777 - 3 Spanish Milled Dollars



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Your Argentina note is a nice looking note. I have been looking at some of the older Argentina notes (late 1800's) and there are some very nice ones that are fairly inexpensive and quite attractive.


As for my US Colonials, I'm actually further along than that - I have only New Hampshire to get. Hope to find a nice example before the year is out - they are quite tough to find in good condition and without spending a small fortune.


I'm curious as to your animal collection - have you ever counted the number of animals and categories of them (mammals, reptiles, etc?)

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@Dave -


Good for you I hope you find the New Hampshire.


I do not have everything catalogued, this is only from 1237 notes. I should go back and do the rest and use proper Classes.


Here are some counts (of course excluding Humans):


Mammal = 453

Birds = 271

Fish = 64

Reptile = 41

Invertebrate = 56

Amphibian = 7

Mythical = 57

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