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A seemingly humble note, this is an extremely rare note. Unissued except for a very, very few which were released before errors were reported, the vast majority of this issue was withdrawn, gathered up, and destroyed. I take this as the only way I'd get this note without it costing me thousands of dollars.




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They issued this series in two different versions, one in Serbian (Cyrillic), one in Bosnian (Roman), as I recall. In this Serbian issue, if you look at the name of Ivo Andric, they used the wrong letter to spell Andric's name. My understanding is that this was very offensive to the Serbian-speaking population of Bosnia.




The last letter, which is written on the note as ђ should actually be ћ. They are two completely different letters.


The 5 convertible mark note also has an error, although it wasn't this blatant. On the reverse of both language notes, they used only the Roman spelling of five, "PET" rather than "PET" for the Bosnian and "ПET" for the Serbian.



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