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Latest Banknote purchases.

Guest Aidan Work

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Hi everyone.

A friend who worked in Equatorial Guinea (Embassy of Spain) has given me this banknote. Notice that Equatorial Guinea is the only country that was a spanish colony in Africa. The banknote is circulated but in very good condition.



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Hello. Today I have received these banknotes: 10 francs type 1946 AOF

I have got six banknotes like this type in UNC ( diferent dates and specimen) if you want see it are here:






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I just finished putting my website together and until I get a proper domain name, it's at this slightly hokey website address:




As a highlight to my newest acquisitions, here's a sampling that I picked up from the Maastricht show in late April:


The whole Slovenia 1990/1 set from P-A1 to P-10 (see PA1 and P-9A below - I love the orange-ish coloring of that note)






New Zealand 10/- from 1934:




And these awesome Italian, long thin notes (P-86, 87):




And finally, my favorite Haiti note (P-15):




I think I got about 50 notes at the show. Had an opportunity to buy a Gilbert and Ellice Islands note buy the 14,000 euro pricetag was a bit too steep for me. :sorry:

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Got this in today. I've been wanting to get some colonial and continental issues for a long time. This is my first and I really like it. I'd eventually like to got one from the 13 colonies, and La Louisiane and Northwest Territory, along with one each of the 14 emissions of the colonial notes. It will take some time, but I think it would be neat to have a representative set such as that. Unfortunately, as I have embarked on this with one note, I've recently read a couple of "Invest in Colonials Now!" articles. - Sigh - same thing happened to me with French African and Early Chinese Republic notes. But then, if it was too easy, it wouldn't be worth it I suppose.



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Last part


1- Austro-Hungarian Empire 1000 Kronen 1922


th_327763834_Scan10248_122_122lo.JPG th_327769101_Scan10249_122_480lo.JPG


2- Bulgaria 200 Leva 1951


th_327777567_Scan10256_122_255lo.JPG th_327784919_Scan10257_122_456lo.JPG


3- Japan 50 Sen 1942


th_327789901_Scan10278_122_380lo.JPG th_327794567_Scan10279_122_15lo.JPG


18 notes in total, hope you enjoy...


Big thanks to Mr. Michael Wiese from Germany, for his patience and spending his time to help me to get all of these notes.

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Nice notes everyone. I really like the Uzbekistan notes RBethea has. The printing style reminds me of teh early Tibetan notes.


And that 1 Korun from 1940 that Cemars has - that notes colors are always striking.


:bthumbsup: :bthumbsup:

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hello. I put here some pictures of a banknote. Is a test specimen of state for presentation.

The banknote is printed on blue paper framed in a double cardboard, to be displayed on both sides.

the banknote has not watermark. In kolsky book, there are references to several test banknotes of other values without watermark


this banknote is 10000 francs west africa, senegal K, signature 18 , Abduuyale Fadiga and Buokary Adji


well, here I leave six photos:
















total view front:



total view back:



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