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Latest Banknote purchases.

Guest Aidan Work

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It's interesting that the Brazilian note has three zeros instead of a 100 in the left corner. I suppose its an aid to the blind?


Yes Dave, I have 1,5,10 and 50 notes from the same serie. They have them as well but in different orders.


936765_A.jpg 936766_A.jpg 936767_A.jpg 936768_A.jpg


Ps, nice piece from the WWII era. I'll share some German notes soon from 1935, 37, 39.

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My lil goodie from the coin club - now im a member


2 5 Francs (auction)



Congrats on joining the club. I hope that you enjoy it. Nice note. :bthumbsup:

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I have so many world notes (few US notes) that I don't remember which was my last purchase. I have a video but because I mess up so much and say a couple of bad words, I don't want to put it on here (sure you can find it). So instead, I'll just post some photos.


It kept saying most of my pics were too large. :wallbash:


China Japanese Military 5 Yen 1938 P-M25 WWII VG.jpg

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