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How common are British proof coins?


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Here is something that I found on a Japanese auction site, with the reserve price set at 7,000USD (well I don't know what's that in pound... or probably like 3500 pounds or so)


>>Link here<<


Of course, I assume that by the price tag, they are not too awfully easily to find in such proof conditions. Were British coins specially made for collectors or special people in mind, or it was just done as a trial process? Or possibly that price tag is way too high... :ninja:

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Price looks quite high to me, but I don't know for sure.

It is unusual to see an assembled set like that, though. I've seen a nice 1901 "set" which was assembled from individual proof coins. I can't find if the 1893 came as a set or not. An 1839 set sold within the past year or two (with the "Una and the Lion" gold), in the original case, for something like £30,000 or thereabouts.


That group looks pretty nice !!!

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1893 is a year that sets were produced because it's the year they switched to the Old Head portrait.




£5 to 3d set = £5000

5/- to 3d = £1000



Which means if it's a non-gold containing set then £3500 is way, way, way over the price (about 4 times the proper market price).


If it has the four gold coins then give or thake another £1000 and you're in the right region.

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Oh my, oh my. I know nothing about British coins, but they sure are very beautifull! Quite expensive, I cant start collecting them before i inherit my beloved American Aunt.







...But I dont have an American Aunt :ninja:

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