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Coin ideas don’t spark imagination


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"Oklahoma is suffering from a lack of imagination, and we need the U.S. Mint to save us."


"The governor took suggestions from Oklahomans earlier this year for the Oklahoma commemorative quarter design. In 1999, the mint began producing a series of state coins, five coins a year. The 25-cent piece for Oklahoma will appear in 2008."


"Our Editorial Board suggested an image of Will Rogers."


Will Rogers was famous a long time ago, but would not be known now.


In 1998 the movie "Godzilla" was released shown in a movie theater in San Jose, California.

The theatre owners first asked for money for the "Will Rogers fund".

The mostly young audience had never heard of Will Rogers and started rioting when the movie showing was held up to collect the money.

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Woody Guthrie would be great because of his folk music legacies.


When I think of Oklahoma, I think of the some of the last land afforded to Native Americans. If they had a respectful memorial to them on their coin, it would be very deserving.

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