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Austria 1915 4 ducat restrike .4430 oz gold

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For sale, a 1915 Austrian gold 4 ducat restrike; I figure that at spot being around $627.10 u.s, the gold content would be $277.80 u.s.. I checked ebay, the coins run anywhere from a very low buy it now of $250 to a high of $344.81 u.s.

$275 U.S. will deliver the coin by expedited mail(tracked and insured) to the u.s. or Expresspost to Canada. I would rather keep the shipping to the 2 countries, as overseas tracking is way too expensive. I would also consider $200 u.s. and $75 in trade worth of silver coinage, or military items(s), video games, Roman coins, egyptian stuff, heck, I'm easy to get along with (sorry I don't take ex-spouses as trade collateral) :ninja: I still have probs posting pics on the site, so I will try to replace my avatar with it. This coin will not last long, I have a regular gold buyer that will pay a bit more than the asking price here, I will keep it on for a day or 2, then off it goes. If interested, I can send a full scan to your email. Regardless, best to pm me if interested. Thanks :lol:

P.S. You can see the coin in my photo album, just uploaded the pics

Payment by paypal or money order please

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