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Suggested reading - Netherlands coins?


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My brother didn't think I wanted my dad's coin books and catalogs, so he got rid of them. He felt so terrible about this later that I only gave him one :ninja:.


I'm interested in the history of Netherlands coins, particularly the Westfriesland ones minted in Enkhuizen and those of the Willems & Wilhelmina.


Jacques Schulman's Handboek van de Nederlandse Munten seems to be a standard, and for provincial coins I keep running into Zonnebloem. Would these be a good start?


I've learned a lot online, but I need books. :lol:

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autors Beek, Bert van, Jacobi, Hans, Scharloo, Marjan,

title Geld door de eeuwen heen.

sub title Geschiedenis van het geld in de Lage Landen.

printer Amsterdam, Pampus Associates, 1984

ISBN 90-9000677-X


Describes the history of money in The Netherlands, from about the Roman era, until approximately 1950, the period from 1813 -1950 rather briefly described in one chapter.






autors Jacobi, Hans & Beek, Bert van.

title Geld van het Koninkrijk

Printer Amsterdam: Pampus Associates 1988

ISBN 90-9002124-8


Describes the history of the money in The Netherlands, starting in the Napoleontic era (1795) up to "now" (where "now" is mid 1980's)




Both books are out of print , in Dutch and are no longer sold. However, they can be get rather easily at Dutch auction sites for a reasonable price.



They're not real catalogs, don't give all details of all coins from the era, but tell a lot about the history, with many pictures and intersting stories.

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