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World Money Fair and Numismata


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Last year's merger of the "World Money Fair" and the "Numismata Berlin" did apparently not work out as expected. So the two are now separate events:


The World Money Fair (Berlin/DE) is the biggest coin show on earth according to the WMF website but is focused on mint presentations and numismatic colloquiums. (Of course there are quite a few dealers too ...) Other WMF shows are in Basel/CH, where the WMF was until early 2005, and in Salzburg/AT. The next dates:


World Money Fair Berlin 2007

(de) http://www.worldmoneyfair.ch/wmf/index.html

(en) http://www.worldmoneyfair.ch/wmf/english/index.html

Berlin, 02-04 February 2007

Estrel Convention Center


Basler Börse - Münzenmesse Basel 2007

(de) http://www.worldmoneyfair.ch/bmm/index.html

Basel, 20 January 2007

Congress Center Basel


The Numismata shows (there are three - one in Berlin, one in Frankfurt, one in Munich) are primarily meeting points for dealers/sellers and buyers:


Numismata Berlin 2006

(de) http://numismata.de/Deutsch/Berlin/start_berlin.htm

(en) http://numismata.de/english/Berlin/start_berlin.htm

Berlin, 07-08 October 2006

Messegelände am Funkturm, Halle 21


Numismata Frankfurt 2006

(de) http://numismata.de/frankfurt/fra_start.htm

(en) http://numismata.de/english/frankfurt/fra_start.htm

Frankfurt, 04-05 November 2006

Messe Frankfurt, Congress Center (CMF)


Numismata München 2007

(de) http://numismata.de/Deutsch/Muenchen/start_muenchen.htm

(en) http://numismata.de/english/start_en.htm

München (Munich), 03-04 March 2007

M,O,C Congress Center, Halle 3



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