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from the booklet that I received at the "Dag van de Munt" :


On saturday 16 september 2006 the 6th edition of the Muntmanifestatie is organized. This event attracts more and more visitors each year. Last year, no less than 1500 visitors came to Assen.


Who visited in 2005 must admit that there's no larger offering of coins, notes and tokens in one location in the Netherlands. Also this time, there will be about 90 participants, of which approx. 30 from abroad, even from outside of Europe.


For the first time the Royal Dutch Mint will be there too.



More info to be found at http://www.muntmanifestatie.nl



I'll most probably be there :ninja:

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Well, been there today and I had a real good time there.


There were some 80 tables, with a good variety in things to see and purchase.


Some specialized in The Netherlands, some specialized in world coins, some in euro coins, some in notes.

There were , in my opinion, quite some ancients to see, there were several tables mostly showing ancients, greek and roman and other origins. I'm not into ancients, so I only looked a bit here and there, but I saw bronzes, silver and gold ones.


There was quite some hammered coinage too, silver and gold could be seen plenty.


I picked up several Wilhelmina coins that I was still missing in my collection, had a good deal with a scarcer date Wilhelmina rijksdaalder (1940)


All in all, a great day :ninja:


I didn't take photographs there, but I'm sure those will be posted on their own website soon

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:ninja: forgot two more things :lol:


After paying the entrance fee of a whopping €3, we got a stack of brochures and catalogs, but also a Finnish 1 and 2 euro cent (dated 2000) and a coupon for a package of 25 self-adhesive Hartberger 2x2's. We could pick any size we wanted, except the square ones..



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