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S&H: $1.00


1898 German reichsbanknote (Poor)

2002 Philippine 1 piso (Cleaned, very good)

1966 South Africa 20 Cents (Cleaned, very good)

1965 Colombia 2 Centavos (Very Good)

1972s US Penny (good)

1984 Mexican $50 (Cleaned, Very good)


OK Colin, two questions:


1) When's this auction ending?

2) The 1966 SA 20 cents, does it have English legends or Afrikaans legends?



Oh, and I open at $0.10 :ninja:

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I'm still thinking about this one. Current bid is 20 cents and T_3 is a serious competitor. He'd likely up the ante again if I outbid him. This would drive the price up and add to overall numismatic inflation. What should I do? Help! I'm so confused. :ninja:

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I know what I can do:





oooooowwwww! Numismatic inflation rears its ugly head.

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