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Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • PCI6
    • PCIX

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Okay what i'm really wanting here is feedback. Yeah i know PCI6 was rushed early on, and there was far too much volume-wise, that aspect i'm aware of. Although that's not what i really want feedback on.


What i want to know is which setup you prefer?


Is the PCI6 setup with coins by age preferable to the PCI-Xtra setup, i.e the stylistic approach?



Two other innovative things were trialed out in PCIX.


First and foremost the alteration to Round One. Every coin in a group faces every other coin in the group and they get points for every playoff they win. The two with the most points progressing to Round 2 the two with the lowest are eliminated. Is this better than the PCI6 Round 1 approach of straight in and either win or out? Or do you prefer the straight forward and quicker PCI6 approach? Did Round 1 of PCIX drag on too much for your liking?


The second change which we haven't got to yet in PCI-X is a playoff for third place between the two coins that get booted out of the semis, do you think this worthwhile? I know there's no prize for third (mind you there's no prize for first or second either if it comes to that!), but do you think it a good idea or not?



All feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration when PCI7 comes around, which will be in 2007, give or take.

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I think the playoff is a good idea & evey coin facing every other coin within a group is also a great idea.

There is also something to be said for coins from the same time period facing each other, but perhaps that is not as important as coins of the same catagory (animals, plants ect.)

Just my 2 cents.

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I can see value in either approach. I personally prefer the catagory groupings and the playoff with each coin facing all comers in its catagory.


Great job by the way.

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