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PCI4 Final - Rematch

Which do you prefer?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Banivechi's Hungary, 2 Pengo 1939
    • Gpnyc's 1799 Draped Bust Dollar

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These two ended on a draw back in the PCI4 final, however, due to my intentions of one day having a PCI winners PCI special, we really need a winner here. So here we go again. Question is did your vote change from last time? :ninja:



Banivechi's Hungary, 2 Pengo 1939





Gpnyc's 1799 Draped Bust Dollar



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Guest Stujoe

Wow. 14 to 2 as it stands right now. Seems there might be a little different make up to CP than there was a year ago. :ninja:


Of course, you could probably do the same contest in another year and it would be different yet again. :lol:

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The dollar, same as my last vote.


I find it nearly impossible to believe that the Pengo tied the dollar last time out. That dollar is just flat-out AWESOME !!! :ninja:

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I think the pengo had picked up a following over the rounds and they went with the moment when it came to the final. From a dead start though the results have tallied much more as i would have expected to be honest, being that it's a US forum with a strong bias to bust coinages.

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The dollar for me.


I like the pengo but it relies on the same designs that had been used for centuries. That is, the `Madonna and Child' and the angels supporting the arms. It's certainly pretty, but it's a well worn theme. Not innovative like the 'merkin was. Sometimes change can be a good thing. :ninja:

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US forum? :ninja: World coins have won or tied for the overall winner 5 out of 6 times in the PCIs. :lol:



Well that is true but what i meant was, the US is the country with the most representation. Therefore, based on my logic (which might differ from yours) it might make a slight bias towards the earlier US coins. I know i often vote against UK coins, generally when French ones get involved i do, but there are certain UK serieses that i grew up admiring and thus i have a soft spot for, which you might not have had if you hadn't grown with it.


For instance, i voted for the Dollar here because i think it's a very attractive coin. But if it had been up against say a British crown, i probably would have gone for the crown based upon my slight bias for UK coins and the fact i'd grown up thinking "hey i wanted one of those".


All that makes sense when you consider how i go about voting in this competition, i like several other members ask myself the question;


"If i could take one or the other home with me which would i take?" Which very often doeasn't meant the same as "which is the most attractive?"


Show me a generic bog standard common medieval coin and a brilliant super high relief Saint, i'd take the medieval. The saint might look nicer, but i'd get more pleasure out of owning the other because of my bias.

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