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used pages for sale (SOLD!!!)

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I have a huge stack of left-over pages from my old collection. As I was using different notebooks/folders for each country, some of these pages might have only had 1 coin in them, so are in nearly new condition. Some were full pages, and are quite worn. Some are Cowens brand, many are some unknown brand (BCW-20T on spine), and a few odd-balls of various brands.


I am going to try to start out in big lots to offer the best prices possible. If they don't sell in a few days, I will see about breaking them up into smaller lots. Just remember, these things are not light-weight when it comes to postage.


I have 2 lots of 200 pages each, $20.00 delivered for each lot. That works out to a dime a page, which is way under retail for new pages. Any takers??

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