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Croatia 25 dinara


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Looking at my Pick, 8th edition (2002), under Croatia 25 dinara, P#19, it lists the normal issued note (a), and an inverted watermark (:ninja:. I am a little confused as to what constitutes "inverted". Looking at several of these notes, if I hold them upright, with the face of the note (side with Rudic Boskovic) facing me, the open field to the left of Boskovic shows the "5" normally. But I have one note that to read the "5" normally, I have to turn the note over, and look from the reverse. Is this an inverted watermark??


BTW, for those not familiar, these notes were printed in Sweden on paper originally intended for the Swedish 5 kroner note, thus the "5" watermark.

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An inverted design occurs when a sheet is rotated 180° when fed thru the press for the next color run. A watermark may also appear reversed, for example, when a portrait faces in the opposite of direction of normal. This occurs when the paper is fed in upside down.


The note you are describing sounds like the inverted watermark one!! :ninja:

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