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Slabbed Vs. Raw


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On 8/22/2006 at 11:21 AM, AuldFartte said:

I thoroughly agree with the majority of your points here. The biggest exception is the statement, "the coin being slabbed is surely not a counterfiet". Well, the vast majority of the time that is quite accurate, but I have seen a few and heard about many more coins that were slabbed and turned out to be fakes.


Also, if a slabbed coin gets stolen, it is a rather simple matter to crack out the coin. Then there is a raw coin without any serial numbers to trace.


I have purchased both slabbed and raw coins for my collection. The vast majority I bought raw because, in most cases anyway, I trust my ability to grade and spot problems such as cleaning. When I buy a slabbed coin, I look at the coin, not the plastic tomb or its label because I don't give a rat's rear-end what the TPG thinks about the grade. I listened to enough collectors and dealers tell me to "buy the coin, not the slab" - so that's what I do.


The thing that irritates me most about TPG's is the adverse way they have affected the market, particularly with MS coins. I guess I don't understand why an MS-65 coin is worth $1,000 but the same coin reslabbed with an MS-66 grade is worth $7,500. And this happens frequently. People will buy a nice 64 and crack it out, submit to another company (sometimes even the same TPG !!!) and it comes back at 65. I know people who do this all the time. It's fine for these dealers/speculators/investors to make money - it's just beyond my comprehension why anyone would pay such huge differences in price because of a one point difference in grade. As you said, grading is highly subjective, so why do most collectors assume that the TPG is more accurate than anyone else? Besides, can you really spot the difference between a 65 and a 66? Or a 68 and a 69? With that, I will end my little rant.

Yes you can tell the difference between 65 & 66. To the perfectionist it is a big difference. Also the price reflects the population. Sure you can do what ifs or I can grade myself but you will quickly learn you had better odds at the slots! That being said only deal with NGC or PCGS as the grades are accurate and thorough. Never pay full price according to the guide. I figure 10-20% off list is good. Happy hunting.

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I have come to appreciate slabs in certain circumstances.  My Ikes are all slabbed; that was a conscious decision to collect them that way, kinda just to do it.  Almost all the rest are raw.  If I'm buying as a type coin, it just needs to be VF or better in the picture.  The Ikes I decided I wanted to all be a minimum of MS-65, and that means professional grading to me.  The only other slabs just happened to be the right coin at the right price at the right time.

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On 8/23/2006 at 1:34 PM, Ætheling said:

...I like touching my coins, if i can't touch them it might as well be like looking at them through the glass in a museum...

Take a picture...it'll last longer!  I personally have a couple of coins that are in slabs, but mostly as part of my "slab type set".  But, I generally do like to handle my coins.  Far too many "collectors" buy slabbed coins to have them "rot" away in some safe deposit box somewhere and admire them by digital photo.  I see no reason to have the coin if you are simply going to admire it through photos or your own personal "glass window".

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