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New euro notes to come in 2010


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It will take three to four more years until we get to see and use the new, updated euro notes, according to a DPA (news agency) article from today. And while the new security features will not be published until shortly before the introduction, some details have been revealed.


Two articles (in German) based on the dpa story:




The basic designs, and the range of denominations, will not be changed. But according to Franz C. Zeitler, vice president of the Deutsche Bundesbank, there will be a new feature that can be viewed and felt, and thus easily be recognized in everyday life.


But what could such features be? The article mentions a few options, such as a plastic "window" as they are currently used on Bulgarian notes. Depending on whether the background is bright or dark, you see different images. Other ideas are metal foils or patches, or thermal images that become visible when touched with a (body temperature) finger.


Polymer bills, and notes with RFID chips, do currently not have a high priority. "Plastic" seems to be unpopular among manufacturers of ATMs and other machines that handle notes. Accrding to Peter Wöffen of Wincor Nixdorf they tend to stick together more than paper notes. RFID chips are still relatively expensive, and the privacy problems they incur have not been resolved yet.


No matter what the 2010 series will look like, the bridges and arches are there to stay, it seems.



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