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To slab... from overseas!


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A question, better still if one has tried sending their coins for slabbing from overseas - What is a good slabbing company to choose, and why?


Yes I know this has been raised many times, but this time, if possible, put several factors in, like the overall time it took to slab a coin from each company versus costs as well as AND more importantly what slabs actually do allow the viewing of edges. Note that there might be some cleaned coins to be sent at the same time.


The only one that I know, that allows the viewing of edges of a coin is the new ANACS slab, which I heard there were plenty of problems, as well as, ANACS will place cleaned coins in the older slab. Do you happen to know other grading companies that do allow the viewing of edges? (Yes - I want my edge to be viewed too, coins are not two 2D images stuck together) If there aren't any such slabs... well continue discussing the overall time vs the cost factor :ninja:


Now, I would like to hear from people who tried to send their coins from overseas for such slabbings...

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NGC makes a slab where you can see the edge of the coin, but you have to ask for it and it may not be available for all world coins.


It is my personal opinion that ANACS, (ever since the change in management this year), grossly overgrades many if not all coins. It's a real shame too for they were once a trusted company. Given this I would no longer recommend that anyone use them.


It is also my opinion that all of the grading companies sometimes over-grade world coinage. But of them all NGC provides the most consistent grading. And their reputation for customer service and turn around times is better than any of the others.


I can offer no info on how long it takes for overseas orders.

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The NGC slab that lets you view the edge is only available in one size that of the 1907 High relief double eagle. It will also fit the capped bust half dollar. You do have to request the special holder.


The ANACS slab only allows the edge to be seen through the bottom of the slab, and if it is smaller than a half dollar forget it. The plastic core looks very clear when you look through the front on back of the slab, but it is translucent looking through the edge and you can't see through more than about a quarter inch of it. So in general you can't see the edges in the new ANACS holder either. (I have noticed that the more recent holders are even harder to see through than on the earlier holders.


There have only been two companies that have had a holder where viewing the edge was easily viewable and both of them are now out of business (Compugrade and MCGC Modern Coin Grading Company. Digital Coin Grading Service allowed for the viewing of the edge, but only on coins the size of a quarter.)

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