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1811 Naissance du roi de Rome, France

Bramsen 1102

d'Essling 1344



18mm Link


Napoleon and Marie-Louise produced a child in near record time. He was named King of Rome, probably to the chagrin of Eugene who was Viceroy of Italy at the time. The reverse of this medal was engraved in 1809 at the time France annexed the Papal States. This is a restrike dating from 1845-1860, meaning there is a pointing hand and CUIVRE on the edge.


Bramsen 1092

d'Essling 1337

Laskey CXXIV

Milan 754



14mm Link



14mm Link


Bramsen 1100


d'Essling 1336



32mm Link


Bramsen 1091

d'Essling 1335

Laskey CXXII



41mm Link


The final step before hardening the dies of a new medal was striking it in lead, as in this example.


Laskey CXX

Bramsen 1099

d'Essling 1343



41mm Link

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1811 Eau clarifée, France

Bramsen 1146

d'Essling 2152



27mm Link



27mm Link


These tokens allowed you to fill buckets of pure water.

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1811 The Duke of Gloucester elected Chancellor of Cambridge University, Great Britain

BHM 710



48mm Link


Though listed as a fairly common medal this is the only example I've ever seen. Maybe they're more common in the UK.

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1811 Battle of Arroyo Del Molino, Great Britain

BHM 720



15mm Link


Part of a set of tiny brass medals issued in 1815 in a brass tube. This battle is so obscure that I suspect someone involved in the creation of these medals must have participated.

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1811 Commerce de vin de Paris, France

Bramsen 1089

d'Essling 2151



34mm Link


This jeton is struck in brass, extremely rare if it were an original. However the indistinct detail appears to be the result of a later copy rather than wear.

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1811 Bataille d'Albuera, Great Britain


Bramsen 718

d'Essling 1365



41mm Link


One of Mudie's National Medals series issued in 1820. This was one of the deadliest battles of the Peninsular War. The two armies faced each other within 50 feet across an uncrossable arroyo. Each side began firing and the smoke grew so thick that neither could appreciate the extent of the destruction. Officers fell early and the men died in their ranks firing like automatons. In fact the British 57th Regiment became known as the "Die-Hards" from their colonel's dying words.

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1811 Prix de l'Athénée de Vaucluse, France

Bramsen 1144

d'Essling 2366



42mm Link


This was a prize medal. They're actually pretty scarce engraved with a winner. These "blanks" are much more common.

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1811 Loge de l'Orient de Madrid, France

Bramsen 1150


d'Essling 2413



42mm Link


A RRR medal, perhaps one of five in private hands. This is a "military" masonic lodge, formed of officers of the French army stationed in Madrid and Spanish collaborators, generally from the aristocratic or business classes.


1811 Loge de St Jean, France

Bramsen 1148


d'Essling 2154



28mm Link

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1811 Bernadotte, prince royal de Suède Charles XIV, roi de Suède, Sweden

d'Essling 2648



39mm Link


The production strikes of this medal were silver, this is white metal or lead. This suggests either a trial strike or a later strike for a collector. Medals of Bernadotte as Prince Royal are extremely scarce. Depending on whether you are French or Swedish he was either a traitor or a patriot.

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Depending on whether you are French or Swedish he was either a traitor or a patriot.

Side note: The Monnaie de Paris just issued a collector coin commemorating him. One side shows "Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte", the other side shows "Karl XIV Johan".




(Links only since the coin is not actually on topic in this forum.)



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