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Three favorite Notes


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Oh man Im slow...


I kept thinking. Wow this Corina person takes pics just like Colin used to.


Derf on my part.




Click here to see my Italian Notes


Cant say that 3 out of the 4 are my favorites. But my 4 italian notes are my favorite notes.



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heheh...the intermittent caps and the 25-centavo counter-signed note should've been a dead give away. :ninja:


italian notes are definately among my favorites...only problem is they get too expensive past the 1980's!


I was Wondering How Long It Would take u All to Figure That It Was me


The Error Coins, The Notes, Corina The Stuffed Bear, Corina, My pics And The Countersigned Note All The Info Saying It Was Me Was Right There


Corina Means Colin And Rina, And In Honor of Our 8 yrs Comming Up i thought Why not Corina


I'm Still Working On My note Collection Slowly but Surely

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Those notes are cool, Colin ... er ... Corina :ninja:

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Guest Aidan Work

Ringgit is what the Malaysian & Bruneian currencies are called.The Bruneian currency is better known as the Bruneian Dollar,& is tied at a 1:1 ratio with the Singaporean Dollar,which is why when one goes to Singapore,they often get Bruneian currency in their change.



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