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Nickel serie 1961-1991

Guest Stujoe

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Guest Stujoe

10 Kopek 1966



15 Kopek 1990



20 Kopek 1983



50 Kopek 1986



1 Rouble 1985


This serie was a result of a monetary reform of 1961. 1 "new" rouble was worth of 10 "old" roubles. These coins were used for 30 years, they were the most long lived serie of USSR-coins. There are numerous varieties, especially in the national emblem. In 1991, a mint mark appeared on the coins, a cyrillic "L" for Leningrad and "M" for Moscow.

Coins are made of Copper-Nickel-Zink. Edges are reeded except in 50 Kopek and 1 Rouble, which have edge letterings * ОДИН РУБЛЬ * (date) on 1 Rouble and * ПЯТЬДЕСЯТ KOПEEK * (date) on 50 Kopek.

The "State Bank"-coins replaced this serie in 1991 right before the collapse of the USSR.

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