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Gold and Proofs, come and get 'em!

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In my over-zealous attempt to accumulate Accented Hair and Cameo '64 Kennedy halves, i'm left with over 50 or so really nice proof examples. I've sold off the ones that have hazing, toning, carbon spots or milk spots; whats left are really nice examples that i've entombed to Airtites. As you can see, these are the cool Airtites with the inert inner black holder, and they come on the display boards. All of this fits nicely into the slotted black lucite Airtite brand box for safekeeping. If I were really on the ball, i'd send some of this in to be slabbed, as PF69 examples have been selling for around $50 on Ebay. If you're inclined, this may be a good idea!


20 (full box) 1964 Proof Kennedy halves in Airtites with display cards and box

$ 150.00 shipped CONUS, payment by Paypal




1907 Australian gold Sovereign, graded MS62 by ANACS


$ 155.00 shipped CONUS, payment by Paypal










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