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euro cash (SOLD!!!)

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today's housecleaning special is €60, comprised of a single €50 note, and 2 of the €5 notes. The 50 is a decent XF, perhaps AU, with only minor creasing, no folds or stains; the pair of 5's wouldn't really be collectible, both being used with some wrinkling and stains. For anyone who is really into these, the serial numbers all start with "P", which I think is Netherlands??


None of the local banks will accept them at exchange, and it is too much hassle to drive down to the city to cash them in, so I am gonna try to unload them here.


According to XE.com, the current exchange rate is US$77 and some change.


I will offer them for US$75.00, which will include Priority Mail shipping. (Global Priority Mail for outside the US). I would really prefer PayPal for these, but can accept other forms of payment, if needed.

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the serial numbers all start with "P", which I think is Netherlands??

Yes, "P" is used on the DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) euro notes. The printer code is likely to start with G which would mean the notes were printed by Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé (NL). Euro note collectors may also want to know whether the signature is that of the current ECB president Trichet http://www.ecb.eu/bc/banknotes/looks/share...eur50detail.jpg or of his predecessor Duisenberg http://www.ecb.eu/shared/img/100_banknote/..._duisenberg.jpg ...


By the way, I don't collect euro notes (just spend them :ninja: ), but just in case no paper money collector here wants these three, you could always send them to a friend of mine in the US who comes here later this year. I would then paypal you the amount.



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I just wish I had 75 bucks to spend on it..... Ive been looking for Euro notes.....



Oh well, another oppurtunity will come around, Im sure..... :lol:





KFC :ninja:

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I know, truthfully I made the coin from gold I got taken out of my teeth :ninja: I'm getting very artistic in my old age :lol:



You should consider yourself lucky to have gold in your teeth. I think mine are either lead or stainless steel. On a clear, cool night like tonight, I swear I can pick up the Detroit radio stations in my mouth. :cry:

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