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Authenticity and worth?


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I came across a gold coin in my collection that I purchased in the Middle East in a nice jewelry store.


I'd love to give you a pic but I'm not good with the close ups.


The coin is the same as the center-right coin in the Coinpeople.com title above.


The obverse:


Georgivs V D. G. Britt: Omn: Rex F. D. Ind: Imp:


with Presumably King George V facing left.


The reverse:


is of St. George as seen above.

The date is 1927 and the mint is South Africa (SA).


Now, i'm a lowly US coin collector so I'm not familiar with this coin at all. Basic research online quotes values in the hundreds of pounds.


Again, I'm not a UK coin expert but I don't see any hints at counterfeit and the jeweller was reputable.


I'll be happy to give more info if necessary if someone could please help me with the identity, the authenticity, and worth of the coin!





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Hi my GB Coin Yearbook 2006 lists it as 60 pounds in VF, 80 pounds in EF and 95 pounds in UNC, if it is authentic and not damaged by being used on jewelry.

The rarest dates for SA (Pretoria) Mint for George V are 1923,23 proof and 1924.

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Thanks Hussulo. That sounds much more accurate than the sites I looked at. I'll have to check the receipt, but I think I paid something around the values you listed.

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