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Popular Note Contest


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Ladies, gents.



As many know i rarely visit this part of the forum and know absolutely nothing whatsoever about banknotes. However, i believe there is some interest in having another season of the Popular Note Contest, therefore i am willing to turn my hand at this and give it a go.


So first and foremost, who would be interested in taking part, and secondly what kind of categories would you like to have?


(Bear in mind that i've never looked at the PNC before now so this is completely new territory for me).


Anyhow suggestions are welcome.

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Good suggestions so far. I'll give it a day or two to get more responses and i'll sit and think out a plan of action.


I'm thinking of limiting entries to 8 in a group/category. Well firstly i dunno how popular this gets so i'll play it by ear. If more space is evidently needed here or there then i'll try and negotiate. I've also got to consider my dialup too! Yeah i'm a bit stoneage.


Anyhow, we have a few weeks to think about it. I want to wrap up PCI6 before i set this off. I can manged two competitions simultaneously but three's pushing it a tad! :ninja:


I was thinking about dividing by design features. Pretty women could be one, as say politicians, or animals or whatever could be another.


That said by continent could work equally as well also. There's doesn't seem to be much to go on datewise.


I was thinking of having 8 categories, with 8 notes in every category. Allowing for 64 notes to be entered in total. Would this be sufficient?


Picturewise, i will request that they all be hosted on banknote bank;




Not only for standardisation of sizes etc. but also because the links are short (long links cause problems) and the pictures will stay there indefinately until they are deleted manually. Problems i've encountered with PCI is that when photos are hosted on sites that only hold them for say three weeks they can disappear mid way through.


Also i will have to emphatically request that photos are not uploaded onto Coinpeople as attachments in the entry thread, because i've had alot of trouble with that already in getting the pictures to show because i cannot link direct to them using tags. Which means entrants that do upload them tend to get eliminated pretty quickly, because the only way to see the photos is by having to follow a link to the entry thread.


Where PCI has been concerned in the past, for users that didn't have Omnicoin, i used to allow them to submit images to me and i'd upload them on mine. However, in this instance i don't have a banknote bank account so i can't be of assistance this time round.


Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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I'm fine with 8 to a category. I'm not sure how many people want to participate, but at first it would be good to limit 1 catergory per person. If more notes are needed to get the max limit of 8, then you can accept more notes from people

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Ætheling volunteered! I'll quite happy to do PNC Season 4. I can't promise anything beyond that, but the same goes for PCI beyond PCI6 and beyond this PCI Extra. If i have time i'll do it, if i haven't i can't.


As it stands i've calculated that if PNC starts either last week of August or first week of September i will have enough time spare, based upon the 8 per category, to run the competition.


Beyond october though, i have no idea what's happening, so i cannot commit any time to anything until i myself knows what's going on.


Historical notes might be able to have their own category because i know that they are considerably unlike the new ones, often only one sided and hand written in some cases like cheques. So that could be arranged.


Any more ideas thrown them in the arena. I'll draw up some categories later, we can amend as needed.

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Right ladies/gents how about these for categories?


1) Pretty Women/Handsome Men

2) Architectural/Artistic/Sculpture

3) Animals

4) Colourful notes

5) Political/Religious Statements (Communist, Fascist, Royalty, Dictators, Political/Religious Slogans, Religious figures/festivals etc.)

6) Interesting Serial Numbers

7) Old and 'Classic' notes (Old being 19th century or earlier, Classic being well known and celebrated (or not) designs, silver/gold certificates, white fivers etc.)

8) Rare notes



8 space in each category, suggest any alterations and amendments now and if it's feesible i'll try and work it in or even adopt it out right.


Do you think categories like those can be filled.


P.S since we've had trouble with the Æ symbol in my Ætheling account when it comes to moderation activities, i'll therefore be using this 'the pci guy' account instead.

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Every individual can enter upto a maximum of 8 notes, that is one per category. Being that there are 8 categories.


At this time i will not allow anyone to enter two notes in the same category, until the time comes of course when i have to fill gaps. I just want to give everyone a decent chance of getting ther notes into the category they want.


I suspect some categories will be more popular than others (as is usually the case), although it might be that some notes could go in more than one category quite happily. A pretty woman on a colourful note for example could go in either of those categories. Obviously if one category is scraping a bit thin on the ground entry wise i'd be greatful if you'd stick it in the less popular one category. But that's not a rule.

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