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cleaning house!!

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I used to try to collect everything. Every country, every type, every date, every mintmark. Of course, I started out cheap, spending hours milling through dealers' junk boxes, buying bulk lots, etc. Then I had health issues, and narrowed down my collecting focus. I sold off a lot of stuff back then, mostly the better quality stuff, but I still have tons of the more common stuff. I have decided to try once again to start liquidating, and am looking to move quickly. Right now, I have a box of coins in 2x2 mylars (well, there a few in Saf-T-flips, and even some in the 1½x1½ mylars, too). Anyway, there is probably close to 2000 of them. Mostly lower denominations, common dates, common coins. There may be an occasional silver coin (like some 1930's Dutch 10 cents, etc) or an occasional not-so-common coin (like a 1926 Greek 50 lepta), but those are few and far between. There will be no Canadian (goes back to the bank), and I don't there is much, if any, Mexican (in a separate tub to be sold later) coins.


So here is the deal. I will scoop them up, at random, and put them in the used 20-pocket pages I have piled up next to them. I can get 5 full pages (that's 100 coins) into a flat-rate priority mail envelope. $7.00 per package, delivered. That is only 7 cents per coin, already in a flip, and you get the page to boot. You are not going to make a fortune re-selling these, but they would be great for young collectors, or even to build some trading stock, or someone who is interested purely in the joy of going through them.


Anyone interested?? Prefer PayPal, will accept cash/check/money order. Due to the nature of this offer, I unfortunately must restrict this to US addresses. (if you really want some and not in the US, maybe we can negotiate.)

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