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1935-D Mercury Dime Purchase opinion


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What is everyones opinion on how good of a purchase this 1935-D Mercury Dime is?







It does has Full Split Bands and not many marks to speak of. True, it does look a little dull in the pics but I think this is the partly the photo and the 2x2's fault and am hoping the coin looks a lot better in person.


Please let me know what you think. Thanks.




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I paid him last night. I am really looking forward to receiving it. I am hopeful it looks much better than the pics in the auction.


Not sure why he listed it as F+. I think he might have just been in a hurry to list it. The 2x2 that it is shown in says Unc for uncirculated and he had FSB written in the corner right beside that.


Thanks for letting me know what you all thought. I appreciate it.

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Coins rarely look as good in a photo as they do in hand, I purchased a nice draped bust cent online, he had it listed as a vf, with minor porosity, I looked at the photos and it did look grainy, but I got it priced well. When I finally had the coin in hand, it was a wonderful chocolate brown Xf+ with no porosity to speak of. Needless to say I was more than a little pleased! Nice merc btw, my merc collection is a sad pile of g/vg's and maybe 3 uncs lol. :ninja:

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I think that is FSB beside the Unc in the upper right hand corner. I received the coin yesterday and am very happy with it.


It definitely has FSB (Full Split Bands) and it is Uncirculated. A little weak on the strike in the obverse on the hair in front of the ear but the reverse is crisp.


I am not sure what they had written in the lower left corner. I didn't look at it too close as I wanted to look at the coin. I do still have it in the holder and will have to look at it closer. Someone may have been trying to give it a grade perhaps?


I would like to post a pic of the coin but I don't have a digital camera and my scanner makes coins look horrid.

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