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World & US Coins Giveaway Contest!

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Got mine in this evening's mail. They're wonderful. I haven't opened the sealed pouch yet, but have enjoyed peeking at them.


By the way the outer envelope was torn completely open when they arrived, the inner was completely intact. I guess I'm doubly lucky on this group of coins. Thank you so very much. :ninja:

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The envelope that mine came in was completely intact..... Great thinking to vacum seal the coins in the bag..... Keeps them from moving and making noise, which also deters theft...... :lol:





KFC :ninja:

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I was afraid of that Art with the flimsy Priority Mail envelope, didn't think at the time to put them in a box instead :ninja:  Anyways, glad that the inner envelope was intact.  Enjoy!


The inner package was solid as a rock. I agree that pressure sealing them was a wonderful idea. I haven't opened the pressure sealed envelope yet. Maybe I'll wait till my grandkids are here for a visit and let them open it and search the stack.


Thanks again.

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