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Round 6 - Mediæval - Group Final

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Double Gros
    • Visigoths

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Those two play off really well against each other, like two kinds of wallpaper you'd put side by side. A tough decision because i'd vote for them both separately anyhow, but if there was a third decision of voting for two complementary coins together then i'd go for that. As there's not i decided to go for the silver.


First time i've gone against the Visigoths, but the silver would look more in place in my collection! :ninja:

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I've not been thrilled with many of the entries in this category when compared to other categories. The Visgothic piece has had my vote throughout the competition, the gros has not. In the head to head, I had to go with the gros as a better example of the period. Again, a gut choice as opposed to a strong preference.

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