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Round 6 - Eighteenth - Group Final

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • T. Hall
    • Spence

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Elverno's - c. 1795, T. Hall, a taxidermist who exhibited his work.





Elverno's - 1796 a Spence politicial farthing, "Even Fellows" a satirical comment on a similar looking token showing Pitt and Fox (political enemies of the time) as "Odd Fellows":



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Either or really for me, neither are what i'd generally go for but then again neither are unpleasant either. The grainy scratches on the T. Hall one bother me a bit but i just happen to think it's a nicer design. So i plummed for that one.

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Not an easy choice as I like both and voted for both throughout this competition. I finally went with Hall as I like the shape of the bird and how it conforms to the space of the token. I could have gone the other way just as easily.

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