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Large Presidential Token

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Looks like an Indian peace medal to me, although I don't know whether its an original or restrike. (Most likely its a restrike.)


Here's a review of a relevant catalog:



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One year later....


The medal on the right is an oval Benjamin Harrison Indian Peace medal, 20th century matte-finish restrike, circa 1960-1975.


The US Mint no longer strikes these, and they are actually somewhat uncommon. Folks attempting to complete a collection of Indian peace medals will find this one necessary to do so.


The originals were struck in the 19th century in dark bronzed-copper, with a reflective surface , and are extremely rare, perhaps the rarest of the bronzed-copper 19th century Indian Peace medals. The recent John Ford sale at Stacks in may 2007 had examples of every single copper indian peace medal, EXCEPT the Harrison Oval medal. If John Ford couldn't find one, they must be rare. Actually, there are probably only 4 or 5 examples in existence.

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